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Special Education

Glendale Elementary School District is committed to ensuring best first instruction of the Common Core and pro-social skills using student achievement and behavioral data to differentiate for each child. GESD provides a full continuum of services that address student needs from pre-kindergarten (age three through five) students through 8th grade.

The GESD Special Education Department is committed to working collaboratively with parents in order make the best educational decisions for students with identified disabilities. The purpose of the special education department website is to provide resources to the GESD community related to educating students with disabilities. If you suspect your child (including preschooler) has a physical, mental, or emotional disability, please confer with your local school principal to discuss your concerns. Each school has a special services team to address student needs, develop interventions and engage in pre-referral evaluation and case management activities. Our special education programs include self-contained classrooms, cross-categorical resources and supportive services in the regular classroom. As much as possible, special needs students are educated at their neighborhood schools within regular classrooms. Severely disabled students are served in specially equipped district programs located at various district schools. The district also offers services to student's attending private or parochial schools within the district.

Additional Resources


Director of Special Education 
Carol Lettieri
(623) 237-7148

Special Education Administrative Secretary

Veronica Virgil
(623) 237-7148

Special Education Coordinator
Dr. John Hecht Jr
(623) 237-7249

Special Education Achievement Advisor
Tracey Regan
(623) 237-7179

Compliance and Records Specialist
Sue Dunn
(623) 237-7145

Medicaid Budget Technician
Elba Dakey Acopa
(623) 237-7223

Preschool Administrative Secretary
Zuri Perez
(623) 237-7174

Preschool Secretary
Verenise Aguayo
(623) 237-7168

Special Education Fax Number
(623) 237-7294