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Educational Services

Educational Services Division Overarching Goal

We ensure equity of access for all students and stakeholders to a learning environment that supports the social, emotional, intellectual, and academic growth and success of every child. 

The educational services division site provides you with our most current curricular resources, guides to effective practice and our variety of supports to ensure students are meeting academic, social and personal goals. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Jackie Duarte at 623-237-7224.


Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services
Norma Jauregui
(623) 237-7224

Director for Curriculum & Instruction
Sienna Shively
(623) 237-7197

Director for Effective Schools
Leslee Miele
(623) 237-7153

Director for Language Acquisition
Alejandrina Garcia
(623) 237-7171

Director for Research & Evaluation
David Jordan
(623) 237-7185

Director for Special Education
Carol Lettieri
(623) 237-7148

Principal Data Coach
Dr. Alfredo Barrantes-Santamaria
(623) 237-7185

Principal Coach and New Teacher Induction
Cheri Dawn Emerson
(623) 237-7201