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Curriculum & Instruction

We ensure all students have access to a guaranteed and viable curriculum, rigorous instruction, and a balanced assessment system that supports eliminating the opportunity and achievement gaps.

Welcome to the GESD Curriculum and Instruction site!

Our department works to ensure all students have access to a guaranteed, viable, rigorous and balanced curriculum, instruction, and assessment system that supports eliminating the opportunity and achievement gap. We support collaborative teams of teachers and administrators working in the Professional Learning Community Framework to answer, implement action with, and assess a collective inquiry process based on the following four questions:
1. What do we want students to know and be able to do?
2. How will we know that the students know or are able to do it?
3. What will we do when the students do not learn it?
4. What will we do to enrich and enhance the learning when students already know it?

Our department, in collaboration with diverse stakeholders, is also responsible for and supports the development, implementation, evaluation, and refinement of curriculum, instruction, and assessment documents. These guiding documents are designed to support our teachers in their collaborative teams to plan instruction for our students. The documents are located on our website by grade level and content area. We look forward to being of service to you. You can reach us at 623-237-7197.


Director for Curriculum & Instruction
Sienna Shively

C&I Administrative Secretary

Coordinator for ELA and Math
Katie Salch

Coordinator for Social Studies, Science and the Arts
John Moritz

District Achievement Advisor
Julie Dubiach

Curriculum Resources