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Special Programs and Services

Two-Way Dual Language Program

A Two-Way Dual Language Program consists of a system of instruction, which uses two languages, English and Spanish, as means of instruction (50 percent (%) of the day is in English, and 50% in Spanish.) This program will be taught using English and Spanish immersion instructional strategies and materials that have as their goal the simultaneous teaching of literacy in English and Spanish. In order to promote interactions among students, the most desirable ratio is 50% English speakers, to 50% Bilingual (LAS-4or higher) speakers. Students will be expected to achieve competency and literacy in both languages in the academic areas of: listening, speaking, reading, writing, math, science, and social studies, based on Arizona Academic Standards.

Gifted Student Services

Promoting educational potential is our goal in providing services for gifted students. Qualifying students in grades K-8 are provided learning activities designed for gifted children. GESD's curriculum is structured so that all students, including the academically gifted, can expand upon regular classroom assignments to the fullest extent of their abilities, emphasizing higher level thinking processes and "choices." For information on GESD's gifted services, please call (623)842-8135 or talk with your school's principal.

Title 1

All sixteen GESD schools qualify for Title 1 federal funds which are used to supplement instructional program. Title 1 funds are allocated based on the number of students are each school who qualify for free or reduced lunch. Title 1 services vary from school to school based on the school improvement plan. For example, some schools provide after school tutoring while others may have small groups for reading intervention during the day. For specific information, please call your school offices. If you need more information, you may contact the Director of Grants at (623) 842-8178.

SEI - Mainstream Regular English

The educational program for grades K-8, Structured English Immersion-Mainstream Regular English, consists of proven effective instructional strategies in English speakers and English Language Learner's (ELL's) in the areas of: listening, speaking, reading , writing, math, science, and social studies. Instruction will include history and culture of the United States in addition to the cultures of the children in the classroom. The curriculum is based on Arizona academic standards. This program will be taught using combined Sheltered English Immersion and Regular English instructional strategies in the classroom, with minimal native language support only for those students identified as ELL's.

Preschool Program

GESD offers Community Education preschool programs for 3-5 year olds at nine school sites. The programs provide developmental appropriate activities, recognizing that preschool children have unique educational needs. The classroom is staffed by warm, caring personnel, with specialized training in working with young children. The programs are licensed by the Department of Health Services, DES approved and accredited by the National Association of Early Childhood Education (NAEYC.) The program runs four days a week, Monday thru Thursday, three hours per day. Four year olds, four by August 31 of the current school year, are given first priority. Three year olds are enrolled as tuition students. Four year olds, whose families qualify for free or reduced lunch and live in the District boundaries, are tuition free with a grant from the Arizona Department of Education. Children who qualify as Migrant families are tuition free as well. Children can also attend who qualify as Migrant families are tuition free. Children can also attend who qualify as Migrant families are tuition free. Children can also attend who qualify for DES or tuition can be paid monthly by the families. Children who demonstrate developmental delays, speech/language delays, or who have vision or hearing impairments, may receive preschool services through the Panda Preschool Program. The placement, and the environment, will be adapted to the child's special needs. Children are eligible for consideration of these services upon reaching their third birthday. Westside Head Start is also on several of our campuses and income qualified children and families can receive preschool services in their classrooms. Some services are provided in the home as well. For additional information please call the District facilitator at (623) 842-8167.

Extended Day/After School Care

For the convenience of families, many of the GESD schools offer Extended Day programs that provide before- and after-school care for students. Children participate in a variety of educational, recreational, and social activities under adult supervision. Costs are reasonable, and low-income families in need of financial assistance may qualify for DES subsidies. For more information, call (623) 842-8144.

Summer School

GESD offers a summer school which focuses on enrichment and/or remediation in the areas of language arts, math, science, fine arts, and computers. Information is sent to parents in the spring. Classes are low cost.

Special Education

If you suspect your child (including preschooler) has a physical, mental, or emotional disability, please confer with you local school principal or the Special Education Department to discuss your concerns. Each school has a special services team to address student needs, develop interventions, and engage in pre-referral evaluation and case management activities. Special education programs available include self-contained classrooms, cross-categorical resources, and supportive services in the regular classroom. As much as possible, special needs students are educated at their neighborhood schools within regular classrooms. Severely disabled students are served in specially equipped District programs located at various District schools. The District also offers services to student's attending private or parochial schools within the district. For information, please call the Special Education Office at (623) 842-8148.

Adult Education

Educating in Glendale Elementary School District isn't limited to children! The Gary Tang Adult Education Center offers free classes for adults in English skills (ESOL), General Education Diploma (GED) preparation, and adult basic education (ABE - reading, writing, math.) Classes are offered during the day and evening hours at different locations. The main facility is located at 7301 N. 58th Avenue and can be reached at (623) 842-8164.